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The most common problem with employing machinery moving equipment is damaging the floors. Most users will often place steel plating on the surface before transporting heavy loads on the machinery moving equipment. There are several reasons why the floors get damaged. First, the rollers or chains will scratch the floors. This happens even if the floors are heavy duty concrete. Often the skates of the machinery moving equipment are not perfectly aligned and rollers travel sideways scratching the ground.
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Second, most machinery moving equipment has a small footprint. When placing heavy equipment that is designed to rest on the ground over a large surface onto small dollies and machinery moving equipment, the entire weight presses onto the floor within a very confined contact surface with the floor. This high pressure that the machinery moving equipment induces causes the floor to be punctured. This often causes a chain reaction as the debris from scratching the floor gets stuck in the equipment's rollers while moving machinery which then will stop turning and get dragged along as the load is being pulled forward.This causes the machinery moving equipment's rollers to dig into the floors and tear up everything in its way. Often the debris in the way will get dragged along or get imbedded in the machinery moving equipment which then causes the surface to get scratched. In the worst cases when the floors are not solid, like in hospitals on the 2nd floor, the pressure exerted onto the skates can cause the machinery moving equipment to break through the floor altogether. To avoid these problems, use machinery moving equipment (click here) that has a large footprint with machinery moving equipment's rollers that do not damage floors.
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